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Creationism vs. Evolution – an argument you can’t win.

Creationism vs. Evolution – an argument you can’t win.

Last night I was reading an online argument between two bloggers. One was a staunch theist and the other an atheist – pretty obvious what they had to argue about. After a brief opening salvo, they settled down into the usual slanging match that always goes something like this.

Theist : You’re not answering my question
Atheist : Well, you’re not answering my question.
Theist : People like you don’t like being proved wrong.
Atheist : Actually – it’s people like you that don’t like being proved wrong.
Theist : Well I’ve got a book that proves I’m right.
Atheist : Funny that – I also have a book, and it proves that I am right.

And so on and so on and so on.

Without spending time here getting into the arguments. It does illustrate that for many issues there may not always be an absolute right answer or an absolute wrong answer. Take for example the most popular question we get asked – what expenses can I claim?? This is not always just a list as it will be different for everyone. The example I always give to people is a pop star (years ago I used Posh Spice as an example, but that seems inappropriate now).  A pop star would have a requirement to look good on camera and under studio lights. This is their job and has a bearing on how much income they receive, obviously – it helps to sell records. They may have to bear the cost of the make-up they use and this would be tax deductible. The term you are looking for is “wholly and exclusively” – the makeup is going to be used for the purposes of promoting records and is therefore wholly and exclusively used in the course of earning an income. This is not the same for a management consultant.

However, a management consultant can  claim expenses relating to the business of management consultancy (shocking isn’t it). An example of this could be an annual subscription to the institute of certified management consultants. A pop star would not be able to claim that, even if they wanted to.

So rather than thinking about your company expenses as a generic list – try and think of it as a list of expenses that are applicable to your business and how it runs.

Matthew Durrant

By matthew on September 27, 2011

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