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Do Contractor Accountants need to be concerned with Trademarks?

Do Contractor Accountants need to be concerned with Trademarks?

One of our clients has just received correspondence from a large firm of corporate lawyers due to a clash in their Limited company names. Only once in the last 22 years have I seen something like this and was surprised at the threatening nature of the initial letter. The word itself, is quite innocuous and would have little meaning to 99% of the business population. What amazed me the most was the ferocity of an initial letter!  I have checked the companies house register and noted about 700 companies with the same word at the start. So why send it?

I think the answer is “a work creation scheme”. 

You have probably already experienced the situation with a builder/plumber or car mechanic. You send the car in for a service and all of a sudden it needs open heart surgery – or the dipthong and widget will explode on the motorway. Bearing in mind Solicitors charge by the hour, wouldn’t it be a great business to be in? I could put a tracker on companies house (easy to do) and write to every company that opens up with a name similar to my client. Then charge the client for sending a letter out. 

Genius – I salute them! 

Matthew Durrant

By matthew on July 13, 2011

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