Last Night…..

Last night, I was compiling a list (as you do) of all the endings and goodbyes that have happened since the Summer started 1 month ago. In one month, the entire world seems to have changed and spun on a different axis:

1.       News of the world stops being published
2.       The space shuttle will no longer fly
3.       The BAA will no longer own all the major UK airports
4.       There will be no more N-Dubz albums (so it’s not all bad news then)
5.       Apple have promised that after Lion OSX – the next update will not be named after a cat
6.       Neptune is now in its second year around the Sun, since we first discovered it
7.       There will be no more Harry Potter Premieres
8.       Ashley Cole will no longer be able to text random women asking them for pictures
9.       A British Tennis player really will never win Wimbledon
10.   BskyB will no longer fall into the hands of an evil Overlord (for the moment)
11.   Met Police commissioners won’t be able to have dinner with Newspaper owners
12.   The world’s population went over 7 billion estimated
13.   It’s been 30 months since the interest rate was reduced
14.   Robbie Williams will no longer be eating Lobster
15.   David Gilmour will be known as the Father of a wayward son, rather than a guitarist
16.   Forbes Young voted UK’s No 1 Contractor Accountants!!

If we can manage all of that in 1 month, imagine what will have happened by Christmas!

Matthew Durrant

By matthew on July 19, 2011

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