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Put an “S” at the end of your product

Put an “S” at the end of your product

After reading the new announcement by Apple last night, it occurred to me you could do a lot with the letter S. I was a teenager in the 1980’s, the time when hot hatchbacks were invented and people started to spend money on cars. A perfectly ordinary hatchback could have a cheap facelift and then you stick the letter S somewhere on the back. All of a sudden – it was a sports car. They had names like Sri, GTs, RS, VTS, XSi, GSi and the all-encompassing grandfather of them all – SPORT.

And then for about 17 years the letter S disappeared from view until the iPhone 3Gs was released. For somebody of 40 years old, these are exciting times, as we can all go mad about the letter S once again. If your Smartphone doesn’t have a letter S, I would suggest you  pop along to your phone provider and demand an upgrade. Sure – you will get the same thing you had before, but without the letter S –  you may as well get your Mum to choose your phones for you. Not having that special letter on your phone means you are the 80’s version of a downwardly mobile office junior. Apparently.

Matthew Durrant

By matthew on October 5, 2011

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