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Why do I need an Accountant?

Why do I need an Accountant?

You could ask them same question of any professional. Why do you need a Solicitor to move house or architect to design your extension? The answer is very simple :-They have knowledge you are able to tap into for a relatively small fee. This will save time and give you the freedom to concentrate on the parts of your life that are of more interest. A good example of this is the website you are currently reading! Whilst all of the content has been written by the partners, we don’t actually perform any of the coding necessary to make it from a document to a webpage. No doubt we could spend our time learning how to create and upload a website – but the truth is, this isn’t our area of expertise.

Imagine you meet a new person at work who is trying to perform the same role as you. How could they possibly understand the intricacies of your work unless they had been you? Yes – you can read lots of information on the internet and try to decipher the best parts of real information and bogus mis-information. But ask yourself one important question – could one of us perform your job effectively by reading on the internet what it is you do?

Above all else your Accountant should be someone you value as an integral part of your business success. It is vital you have an excellent one-to-one relationship with them. Admittedly this is built up over time, but always make sure you feel confident the person you are communicating with fully understands your needs and those of your business.

The checklist below will give you an indication of why you need an Accountant.

  1. They will save you time
  2. They will save you money
  3. Accountants can remove the burden of bureaucracy
  4. Freedom to get on with more important parts of your life
  5. Make you feel more comfortable about the direction your business Is heading
  6. Someone to trust and bounce ideas off for your business
  7. Avoid common business errors and mistakes they will have seen before from other clients



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